Jacking System Grease ECF


JACKING SYSTEM GREASE ECF contains specially selected solid natural boundary lubricants to provide outstanding galling resistance and lubrication properties. The solid boundary and organic EP additives synergistically combine to produce a superior lubricating film with high-load and low-wear characteristics. OSPAR Commision – HOCNF Classification – “Yellow” Rating for Norway Classification – “E” for the United Kingdom & the Netherlands This product is formulated to contain no detectable, leachable, volatile organics by EPA Test Method 1311-TCLP number SW846 8260B as determined by independent, 3rd party testing. Testing results are available upon request.


Designed to lubricate a wide array of heavily loaded gear applications. It can also be used on slides, jacking systems, cantilever type rigs and assemblies, nuts, bolts, and a wide range of other applications – making JACKING SYSTEM GREASE ECF a nearly universal product.

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